The rise in popularity of UFC champion Sean Strickland has been nothing short of surprising. Known for his penchant to make off-putting remarks, it’s intriguing to see him emerge as a fan favorite. But according to Dana White, the president of UFC, this shouldn’t come as a surprise at all.

In fact, White believes that the appeal lies exactly in Strickland’s underdog status. “People love an underdog,” he said recently during an interview 🎤.

Strickland is not your typical sports star – he doesn’t have the polished image or carefully curated public persona that many athletes cultivate nowadays. Instead, he is known for his unfiltered comments and raw authenticity which endears him to fans who appreciate honesty over pretense.

“Sean isn’t afraid to be himself,” explained White. “He says what he thinks and does what he wants.”

This unconventional approach might seem risky but it appears to be paying off for Strickland who continues gaining followers with each passing day.

White further elaborated on why fans are drawn towards fighters like Strickland: “They want someone real; someone they can relate with.”

And indeed, there seems something relatable about seeing someone defy expectations time after time while facing adversity head-on without flinching or backing down – just like how most people aspire being able do when dealing with their own personal struggles.

But even though his outspokenness may ruffle some feathers within the more conservative circles of sport’s world, there’s no denying its effectiveness in terms of attracting attention from both media outlets and spectators alike – proving once again that controversy sells tickets regardless whether we approve it morally ethically or not!

Despite all these factors contributing toward making him popular among masses however don’t think for second that success came easy way because truth far from this perception reality was filled numerous hurdles obstacles had overcome order reach where today becoming one top players field mixed martial arts.

Strickland’s journey to the top hasn’t been smooth sailing. He has faced numerous challenges and obstacles along the way, but his determination and grit have seen him through.

In a world that often values image over substance, Strickland’s rise is a breath of fresh air. It shows that authenticity can win hearts just as much, if not more than a carefully crafted persona.

While it remains to be seen how long this wave of popularity will last for Strickland or whether he’ll continue being an underdog in future fights too – one thing is certain: his story serves as an inspiration for many who are struggling against odds in their own lives proving once again that sometimes indeed people do love rooting for underdogs!

So here’s hoping we get see more such inspiring stories emerging from world sports reminding us time again importance resilience tenacity face adversity because after all isn’t what true spirit sport all about?