UFC President Dana White recently expressed his thoughts on the rising popularity of UFC champion Sean Strickland, stating: “People love an underdog.”

Strickland has been making waves in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) with his impressive performance and unique personality. Despite being known for making off-putting remarks at times, he’s managed to garner a significant fan base.

In recent years, Strickland has climbed up the ranks in the UFC world. His journey hasn’t been easy; it was fraught with challenges and setbacks that could have easily deterred anyone else. However, he remained undeterred and focused on his goal – becoming a UFC champion.

His determination paid off when he clinched the title as a UFC Champion. The victory wasn’t just about winning; it represented resilience and perseverance – traits that resonated strongly with many fans across the globe 🌍.

Dana White noted this surge in popularity during one of his interviews. He acknowledged that while Strickland might not always say what is expected or popular opinion, there’s something endearing about him that draws people towards him.

“Sean isn’t your typical fighter,” said White. “He says things that can be quite jarring but underneath all of those comments is someone who truly loves this sport.”

White went on to add how fans are drawn to authenticity which they see in fighters like Strickland who don’t put up pretenses for public appeal but remain true to themselves both inside and outside of ring.

“It’s not just about fighting skills anymore,” continued White. “Fans want more than just good fights; they want someone they can relate to.”

The rise of Sean ‘Tarzan’ Strickland from relative obscurity into global limelight exemplifies why we love sports narratives so much – because every now and then comes along an athlete whose story transcends beyond their respective field into mainstream consciousness stirring emotions among us.

Strickland’s story is one of those. It’s about an underdog who, despite all odds, managed to rise above and become a champion. His journey serves as a reminder that it’s not just the victories but also the struggle behind them that makes sports so captivating.

In conclusion, Dana White’s statement encapsulates this sentiment perfectly: “People love an underdog.” Strickland’s rise in popularity isn’t surprising when you consider his journey – he embodies what many fans find appealing about UFC fighters – resilience, authenticity and sheer determination to succeed against all odds.