The world of mixed martial arts is never short on surprises, and the rise in popularity of UFC champion Sean Strickland certainly fits that bill. Known for his penchant to make off-putting remarks, it may seem surprising to some that he has emerged as a fan favorite. But according to UFC President Dana White, there’s no surprise at all – people love an underdog.

Sean Strickland’s journey into the spotlight wasn’t always smooth sailing 🛥️ . His sometimes controversial comments have raised eyebrows more than once. Yet despite this unconventional approach towards public relations, fans are drawn towards him like moths to a flame.

Dana White expressed his thoughts about this phenomenon recently. According to him, the essence of Strickland’s appeal lies not in his brashness but rather in something far more universal – our collective love for an underdog story.

“Strickland isn’t your typical poster boy,” said White during one interview session. “He says things that can be off-putting at times but underneath all those words and bravado is someone who fought against odds and came out victorious.”

White believes it’s precisely because of these struggles that fans find themselves rooting for Strickland. The grittier the struggle, the sweeter the victory seems – and few victories come harder earned than those won inside a UFC octagon.

This sentiment echoes throughout sports history; from boxing legend Muhammad Ali overcoming obstacles both within and outside ring boundaries or footballer Lionel Messi defying physical limitations with sheer skill determination – we’ve seen time again how audiences rally behind individuals who defy expectations overcome adversity their way top.

In many ways then, Sean Strickland embodies what makes sports so captivating: unpredictability coupled with human resilience determination triumph face seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Despite occasional controversies surrounding his outspoken nature behavior outside ring arena still finds itself firmly behind its new champion cheering every punch takedown submission move he delivers.

This isn’t to say that Strickland’s rise popularity hasn’t been without its fair share of criticism. There are those who find his style too brash, his comments too controversial. But even amidst these criticisms, there’s no denying the magnetic pull he has on fans.

In conclusion, Dana White sums it up best when he says “People love an underdog.” And as long as Sean Strickland continues to defy odds and come out victorious in the octagon – whether through skill or sheer force of will – he is likely to remain a fan favorite for some time to come.