James Llontop, a new face in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has recently been under the spotlight not only for his fighting prowess but also for an intriguing detail – a neck tattoo. This particular ink sparked curiosity among fans and even caught the attention of Dana White, UFC president.

The tattoo features three letters: FFC. For those unfamiliar with mixed martial arts circuits, this might seem like just another random acronym. But to James Llontop and many fighters from Peru, it represents something much more significant.

FFC stands for Fight Force Championship, a regional promotion based in Peru where Llontop started his combat career. It’s not one of the big-name promotions that regularly make headlines worldwide; nevertheless, it holds great value to local fighters who see it as their stepping stone into international fame.

When asked about why he decided to permanently etch these letters on his skin during an interview session after one of his fights 🥊 , Llontop explained how important FFC was in shaping him as a fighter.

“Every punch I’ve thrown, every kick I’ve landed…all that began at FFC,” said Llontop passionately. “It is there where I learned what true perseverance means.”

He further elaborated on how he got through some tough times thanks to the support he received from everyone involved with FFC – trainers who believed in him when no one else did and fellow fighters who pushed him beyond limits they all thought were unreachable before.

“I carry this tattoo proudly because it reminds me of my roots,” added James while pointing at his neck. “I want people everywhere – inside or outside UFC rings – to know where I come from.”

Dana White initially called out James’ unique choice of body art without understanding its significance fully himself either. However, once hearing about what those three little letters meant so deeply to this promising newcomer from Peru – White expressed admiration for his dedication and loyalty.

“The UFC is a global platform where fighters from all walks of life come together to prove themselves,” White commented. “It’s inspiring to see someone like James, who doesn’t forget where he came from even when he has reached such heights.”

In the world of mixed martial arts, it’s not uncommon for fighters to have tattoos that represent their journey – be it symbols related to their fighting style or homages to their trainers and loved ones. But Llontop’s FFC tattoo stands out because it symbolizes his gratitude towards a regional promotion that played an instrumental role in shaping him into the fighter he is today.

James Llontop carries with him more than just physical strength into every fight; he brings along an indomitable spirit forged by years of hard work at FFC. His neck tattoo serves as a constant reminder of this fact – making each punch thrown in the ring resonate with echoes from his past while paving the way forward for future victories.