This weekend promises to be an exciting one for fight fans, with veterans of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) set to compete in various combat sports events around the world. 🥊

The UFC, known for its high-intensity mixed martial arts (MMA) matches, has produced some of the most skilled and formidable fighters in recent years. These athletes have honed their skills within the Octagon and are now ready to showcase them on different stages.

Several former UFC competitors will step into both familiar and new arenas over September 15th-16th. Some will return to their MMA roots while others venture into bareknuckle boxing or karate competitions – a testament to their versatility as fighters.

Bareknuckle boxing is fast gaining popularity among combat sport enthusiasts. It offers rawer, more brutal action than traditional gloved boxing due to the absence of padding on fighter’s hands. This discipline requires not only physical strength but also precision and strategy, making it a thrilling spectacle for spectators.

On another hand, we have Karate – a martial art that emphasizes striking techniques such as punching and kicking from a standing position. Although less mainstream compared with MMA or Boxing when it comes down to professional fighting circuits these days; nevertheless there are still many who appreciate this classic form of self-defense practice turned competitive sport.

For those unfamiliar with these forms of combat sports beyond what they’ve seen in UFC fights might find themselves pleasantly surprised by how much variety exists within this field alone!

It is worth noting that each event offers unique challenges even for seasoned fighters like our ex-UFC stars stepping out onto different platforms this time around: The rules vary significantly between disciplines; thus requiring adaptability alongside skillset mastery under pressure situations which can often prove decisive during bouts where every second counts towards victory…or defeat.

Despite having left UFC behind either voluntarily or otherwise – these athletes continue pushing boundaries physically mentally striving towards success wherever they choose compete next; their determination resilience being testament not only personal strength but also enduring appeal combat sports general.

The participation of UFC veterans in these events is a significant draw for fans, who are eager to see how their favorite fighters adapt and perform outside the familiar confines of the Octagon. These athletes’ skill sets, honed through years of rigorous training and high-level competition, will undoubtedly be put to the test as they face off against equally determined opponents.

In conclusion, this weekend promises an action-packed two days filled with thrilling fights featuring former UFC stars. Whether it’s MMA, bareknuckle boxing or karate – there’s something for every fight fan out there. So gear up and get ready to cheer on your favorites as they step into new arenas and take on fresh challenges!