The world of combat sports is not limited to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Many UFC veterans continue their careers in various fight disciplines around the globe. This weekend, from September 15th through 16th, a number of these seasoned fighters will be stepping into rings and cages worldwide for some exciting mixed martial arts (MMA), bareknuckle boxing, and karate action.

These athletes carry with them years of experience from competing at the highest level in UFC. They have honed their skills against top-class opponents under intense pressure and spotlight. Now they bring this wealth of knowledge and expertise to other arenas within combat sports.

In MMA events happening over the two days, several former UFC competitors will showcase their fighting prowess. Fans can expect high-intensity matches filled with strategic moves as well as raw power. The techniques used by these fighters are a testament to their rigorous training regimes that combine striking, grappling, ground-fighting – all elements integral to MMA contests.

Bareknuckle boxing also features on this weekend’s schedule 🥊 . This form of boxing has seen a resurgence in popularity recently due its rawness and perceived authenticity compared to more mainstream forms like professional or amateur boxing. It’s here that we’ll see our hardened UFC veterans go toe-to-toe without gloves or any padding – just fists flying fast towards victory.

Then there’s karate! A discipline steeped in tradition dating back centuries; it involves precise strikes using punches, kicks, knee strikes and elbow strikes among others methods of attack or defense. Some ex-UFC stars have returned to this traditional martial art which laid foundation for many modern-day combat sports including MMA itself!

What makes these fights particularly intriguing is how each veteran adapts his style according to different rulesets across various platforms while maintaining core principles learned during time spent inside Octagon – arguably most prestigious stage for mixed martial artists worldwide

While it may seem like an end-of-career move for some, it’s important to note that these veterans are not just participating but competing at a high level. They have successfully transitioned from the UFC and continue to deliver thrilling performances in their respective disciplines.

These combat events provide an exciting opportunity for fans to witness seasoned fighters outside of the UFC context. It also allows us to appreciate the wide spectrum of fight sports available today – each with its own unique set of rules, techniques, and traditions.

In conclusion, this weekend promises a lot of action-packed bouts featuring former UFC greats across MMA, bareknuckle boxing and karate platforms worldwide. As they step into various rings or cages once again; we can expect nothing less than skillful execution combined with heart-stopping intensity from these experienced warriors!