The world of mixed martial arts (MMA) is set for an exciting weekend, with several UFC veterans ready to showcase their skills in various combat sports events around the globe from September 15-16. 🥊

These seasoned fighters, who have made significant contributions to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), are now preparing to step into different arenas – from MMA matches and bareknuckle boxing bouts to karate competitions.

One of these athletes is a former UFC champion known for his exceptional grappling techniques. After leaving the octagon, he has found a new home in traditional karate tournaments. This weekend, he will be competing against other skilled practitioners in an international event that promises high-octane action.

Another fighter making headlines this weekend is a woman who was once ranked among the top contenders in her weight class at UFC. She transitioned into bareknuckle boxing after retiring from MMA and has quickly become one of its biggest stars due to her relentless aggression and powerful punches.

In addition, there’s also an ex-UFC heavyweight contender who will be stepping back into the cage for another thrilling MMA match-up. Known for his knockout power and iron chin, fans can expect fireworks when he squares off against his opponent on Saturday night.

Other notable names include a pair of welterweights who had memorable runs at UFC but have since moved onto other promotions where they continue to impress with their dynamic performances inside the ring or cage.

While these competitors may no longer fight under the bright lights of UFC events, they remain committed warriors dedicated to their respective disciplines – whether it’s traditional martial arts like karate or more modern forms like MMA and bareknuckle boxing.

Their journeys serve as reminders that while fame may fade away over time; passion does not waver so easily. These fighters’ commitment towards honing their craft continues well beyond their stints at UFC – proving that age is just a number when you’re driven by the love of combat sports.

The upcoming weekend promises to be a thrilling one for fight fans around the world. With these UFC veterans back in action, spectators can expect nothing short of high-intensity bouts that will keep them on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

As we anticipate these exciting match-ups, it’s clear that while they may have left the UFC behind, these fighters are far from done with their fighting careers. Whether they’re trading punches in a bareknuckle boxing ring or executing precise karate moves on a traditional tatami mat – each fighter is set to show why they remain relevant and respected figures in the world of combat sports.

So get ready for an adrenaline-fueled weekend full of intense fights and unforgettable moments brought to you by some familiar faces from UFC’s past!