As the weekend approaches, fans of combat sports have much to look forward to as several UFC veterans are set to showcase their skills across various platforms around the world. The action-packed events scheduled for September 15-16 promise high-octane performances in MMA, bareknuckle boxing and karate.

These fighters who once graced the UFC stage will be stepping into different rings this time, demonstrating not only their adaptability but also their enduring fighting spirit. Their participation is a testament to their versatility and commitment towards honing their craft in diverse forms of martial arts.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has always been an arena where former UFC fighters continue to make waves. This weekend is no exception with multiple bouts featuring these seasoned athletes on card. Fans can anticipate thrilling encounters filled with technical prowess and strategic gameplay that only experience in top-tier competition like the UFC can bring.

Bareknuckle boxing too will see its share of excitement with ex-UFC competitors stepping up. 🥊 This form of combat sport strips down all protective gear except for wraps on hands allowing direct knuckle contact which makes it more intense and raw than traditional boxing or MMA fights. It’s a true test of grit, resilience, strength, technique and above all heart – qualities that our veteran fighters possess aplenty.

In addition to MMA and bareknuckle boxing matches, there’ll also be some hard-hitting Karate action lined up during these two days. Although less common as a post-UFC career choice compared to other disciplines due its unique style requiring specific skill sets; those who transition from Octagon prove they’re just as formidable when trading punches & kicks under new ruleset.

The diversity among competitions mirrors the variety within mixed martial arts itself – each discipline offers unique challenges that require distinct strategies while sharing core principles rooted in respect for opponent & love for fight game at large.

While watching these familiar faces compete outside octagon might feel different, it’s a reminder that fighting spirit isn’t confined to one platform or sport. It transcends boundaries and thrives where there is passion, dedication and the will to win.

So as we gear up for this weekend’s action, let us not only cheer on these fighters but also appreciate their journey. Each step they take in different rings around the world signifies their evolution as martial artists while carrying forward legacy of UFC – a testament to its impact on global combat sports scene.

In conclusion, whether you’re an MMA enthusiast or bareknuckle boxing fan or have a soft spot for karate; make sure you don’t miss out on witnessing these seasoned warriors bring forth their best in ring once again. Their participation across various platforms not only enriches the respective sports but also inspires upcoming athletes showing them possibilities beyond traditional pathways.