When Julia Polastri stepped into the ring for Dana White’s Contender Series 62, she knew what was at stake. Having previously fallen short on the platform that has launched many UFC careers, she understood that this time around, there could be no half measures. She had to show all her potential if she wanted to secure a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

“I realized I needed to bring everything I have,” said Polastri in an interview after her victorious fight. “I knew it wasn’t just about winning; it was about showing my ability and proving myself.”

Polastri entered DWCS 62 with a renewed sense of determination and focus. The Brazilian fighter had spent countless hours honing her skills and preparing mentally for the challenge ahead.

Her hard work paid off spectacularly as she dominated throughout the match, demonstrating impressive technique and strength 🥊 . It was clear from early on that Polastri came prepared not just to win but also to impress.

“Every punch, every kick… they were all calculated moves,” explained Polastri. “I didn’t want just another victory; I wanted a performance worthy of a UFC contract.”

Indeed, her performance left little doubt about her readiness for the big stage. Her technical proficiency combined with raw power made an undeniable case for why she deserves a spot in one of MMA’s most prestigious organizations.

However, despite being confident in herself and putting up such an impressive display at DWCS 62 – there remained some uncertainty until Dana White himself confirmed: Julia Polastri is joining UFC ranks!

“It felt surreal when Dana announced my name,” shared Polastri reflecting on that memorable moment when years of hard work finally culminated into achieving what seemed like an impossible dream only months ago.

She continued expressing gratitude towards everyone who supported her journey so far including coaches who helped sharpening skills or friends providing emotional support during tough times leading up-to this life-changing moment.

Now, as a newly minted UFC fighter, Polastri is eager to take on the challenges that lie ahead. She’s aware of the increased competition and pressure that comes with being part of such an esteemed organization but remains undeterred.

“I am ready,” she declared confidently. “I have shown what I can do at DWCS 62, and now I’m excited to show even more in UFC.”

As Julia Polastri embarks on this new chapter in her professional MMA career, fans around the world will be watching closely – expecting nothing less than the same level of dedication and skill she displayed during Dana White’s Contender Series 62.

In conclusion, Julia Polastri has proven herself deserving of her place in UFC through hard work and determination. Her journey serves as a reminder for aspiring fighters everywhere about importance of not giving up despite setbacks or obstacles along way because ultimately it’s perseverance combined with talent which paves road towards success inside octagon.