Julia Polastri, the victor of Dana White’s Contender Series (DWCS) 62, expressed her feelings after securing a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Her victory was hard-fought and well-earned. She stated that she felt an immense need to showcase all her potential in order to secure this coveted contract.

Polastri has always been a fighter who is known for her determination and tenacity in the ring. This time around, however, she had more at stake than just another win on her record. After falling short once before on DWCS, she knew that this was not just about winning but proving herself worthy of being part of UFC.

She stepped into the octagon knowing fully well what was expected of her. The pressure could have easily gotten to anyone else but not Julia Polastri. She used it as fuel to push harder and fight smarter.

In every round, you could see how much she wanted it – each punch thrown with precision and power 🥊 , every defense strategically planned out; there were no random moves from Polastri’s end – everything calculated down to perfection.

Her performance didn’t go unnoticed either; everyone present saw firsthand what kind of fighter Julia truly is – one who doesn’t back down or give up until the very last second. It wasn’t easy though; there were moments where even Julia doubted whether she would be able pull through or not.

But those doubts didn’t deter her spirit or willpower – if anything they made her stronger because now more than ever before did Julia want prove herself deserving enough for UFC contract.

With each passing minute inside that cage fighting against some formidable opponents only increased desire even further which eventually led towards glorious victory at end night when finally got hold long-awaited prize: A spot among world’s best fighters under banner UFC!

This achievement isn’t something taken lightly by any means especially considering fact came after previously failing once. But failure only made her more determined and focused.

Julia’s story is a testament to the fact that sometimes, it’s not about winning or losing but about never giving up on your dreams no matter how many times you fall. It’s about getting back up each time with even more determination and willpower than before.

Her journey serves as an inspiration for all aspiring fighters out there who dream of making it big in UFC one day. Julia Polastri has shown them that nothing is impossible if you’re willing to give everything you’ve got.

In conclusion, Julia Polastri’s victory at DWCS 62 was not just a win; it was proof of her unwavering spirit, indomitable courage, and unyielding determination. She needed to show all her potential – and she did exactly that!