Julia Polastri, the victor of Dana White’s Contender Series 62 (DWCS 62), has recently shared her thoughts on the journey that led to her securing a coveted UFC contract. 🥊

Polastri is no stranger to hard work and determination, having been part of one of the most competitive fighting environments in DWCS. After an initial setback on this platform, she knew that she had to step up her game.

“I needed to show all my potential,” said Polastri, reflecting upon what drove her towards victory and ultimately getting signed by UFC. This statement encapsulates not only her mindset going into DWCS but also the approach she takes towards every fight.

In order to prove herself worthy of a UFC contract, Polastri understood that it was crucial for her not just win fights but also display versatility and adaptability in each bout. She trained rigorously with this goal in mind.

Her training regimen focused heavily on improving both offensive and defensive strategies while ensuring physical strength and endurance were at their peak levels too. The intent was clear – leave no room for doubt about who deserved that UFC contract more than anyone else.

The first time around when Julia fell short at DWCS, it served as a wake-up call rather than a discouragement. It made clear areas where improvement was necessary which helped shape subsequent training sessions accordingly.

“Failure is simply an opportunity for growth,” stated Julia during one interview post-DWCS 62 victory announcement ceremony where she officially received confirmation about being signed onto UFC roster.

She further added how important resilience is within such highly competitive industry like MMA fighting where setbacks are unavoidable yet they can be turned into stepping stones if approached correctly – something Julia demonstrated admirably through own actions leading up till now from initially falling short at DWCs right until winning it second time round proving worthiness beyond doubt regarding receiving much-coveted UFC contract offer finally after showing full potential as she had set out to do.

The journey of Julia Polastri is a testament to the power of resilience, determination and hard work. Her story serves as an inspiration for aspiring fighters who dream about making it big in the world of MMA fighting.

This victory at DWCS 62 has not just given her a UFC contract but also reaffirmed her belief in herself and her capabilities. She looks forward to continue proving herself within this new phase of career while inspiring others along way too through own actions both inside and outside octagon ring.

In conclusion, Julia Polastri’s recent victory at Dana White’s Contender Series 62 (DWCS 62) was more than just another win – it was proof that with right mindset coupled alongside relentless dedication towards improving oneself constantly can indeed lead one towards achieving their ultimate goal even if initial setbacks might suggest otherwise initially.