James Llontop, a fresh face in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has recently been under scrutiny for his distinctive neck tattoo. However, there’s more to it than what meets the eye, as he explains its significance.

The UFC newcomer from Peru proudly sports a unique and striking FFC tattoo on his neck. This particular design caught the attention of none other than Dana White, who couldn’t help but comment on it.

Llontop’s ink is not just an aesthetic choice; rather, it holds deep personal value that traces back to his roots in regional promotions. The acronym ‘FFC’ stands for Fight Force Competition – a local promotion where Llontop honed his skills before making it big in UFC.

Dana White might have called out James for this unusual display of loyalty towards a regional promotion company over UFC itself 🤔 Yet when asked about it during interviews or press conferences, Llontop always responds with pride and conviction.

He describes how FFC was instrumental in shaping him into the fighter he is today. It wasn’t merely about fighting matches; instead, they taught him discipline and respect towards opponents while nurturing passion within him for mixed martial arts (MMA).

In fact, according to Llontop himself: “This tattoo represents my journey from being an unknown fighter at FFC to stepping onto the global stage at UFC.” He further added: “It serves as my daily reminder of where I started and how far I’ve come.”

His story resonates with many aspiring fighters who start their careers in small-scale promotional companies dreaming of one day making their way up to prestigious platforms like UFC.

Despite receiving criticism from some corners due to his unorthodox approach towards expressing loyalty towards FFC even after joining UFC – something most fighters don’t do – James remains unfazed by such comments.

For him, this isn’t about choosing between two organizations or showing favoritism. Instead, it’s about acknowledging his roots and the role FFC played in his journey to UFC.

In conclusion, James Llontop’s neck tattoo is not just a piece of body art; it carries deep meaning and represents an important part of his life as a fighter. It symbolizes respect for where he came from and serves as motivation for where he wants to go.

Despite being called out by Dana White, Llontop stands firm on the significance of this tattoo – making it clear that no matter how high he climbs in this profession, he will never forget where it all started.