Kevin Holland, also known as “Big Mouth”, is a well-known figure in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Renowned for his skills and infamous for his trash talk, he has always been a compelling character to watch. However, ahead of UFC Noche, Kevin was uncharacteristically quiet.

Recently though, when Australia was brought up during an interview session, it seemed like old habits die hard. A small rant slipped out from him about Jack Della Maddalena – an Australian MMA fighter who had been making waves recently.

Holland stated that if Maddalena were worth traveling halfway across the world to fight against at UFC 293, he would have gotten an opponent by now. It can be inferred that according to Holland’s perspective; there isn’t much competition or challenge posed by Maddalena.

This statement sparked some controversy among fans and fellow fighters alike. Some saw it as typical banter from Holland while others interpreted it as disrespect towards Maddalena’s capabilities as a fighter.

Regardless of how people perceived his comments about Della Maddalena not being ‘worth travelling’, this incident did bring attention back on Big Mouth once again after his relatively silent period leading up to UFC Noche 😎.

It’s interesting that despite keeping mum before one event – which is quite unlike him – Kevin managed to stir things up with just one comment about another upcoming event!

His words might have struck a nerve with many but they’ve certainly done their part in adding fuel to the fire surrounding UFC 293 speculation and anticipation! The question remains whether these statements will result in any real-life confrontations inside the octagon or if they’re simply meant for promotional purposes only?

One thing we know for sure is that Kevin Holland never fails to make headlines! Whether through his actions inside the ring or through remarks outside of it – he keeps everyone guessing what could possibly come next!

The world waits eagerly now: Will Maddalena respond? Will there be a face-off between Holland and Della Maddalena in the UFC 293?

Only time will tell. For now, let’s enjoy the suspense that comes with such unpredictable moments in the world of MMA!