Jack Della Maddalena, the UFC fighter known for his cool and collected demeanor, has recently spoken out about the criticism he received following his most recent fight. According to Maddalena, he acknowledges that it was not a good performance on his part.

The fighter is no stranger to criticisms and negative comments from trolls, haters, and doubters. However, instead of letting these remarks get under his skin or affect him negatively in any way possible, Jack chooses to remain calm and composed. He believes this attitude helps him focus more on improving himself as an athlete rather than getting distracted by negativity.

“I will say ‘fair play’ to my critics,” said Maddalena during a recent interview ahead of Noche UFC. “I understand where they’re coming from because I know that my last fight wasn’t up to par.”

Maddalena’s humility is refreshing in an industry often marked by bravado and egoism. His acknowledgment of his less-than-stellar performance shows maturity beyond what many would expect from someone so young and relatively new in the field.

However, while he may agree with some points raised by critics regarding how poorly he performed during the match 🥊 , Jack also emphasizes that it doesn’t mean he agrees with everything they say or do.

“There’s always going to be people who doubt you,” says Maddalena. “And there’s really no way around it except through hard work.”

He continues: “Yes, I didn’t perform well last time but does that define me as a fighter? Absolutely not.”

Despite being criticized for one poor performance after another successful string of fights before this one setback; despite having every move scrutinized online by anonymous commentators; despite all odds seemingly stacked against him – Jack maintains a positive outlook on life inside (and outside) the ring.

His approach towards handling criticism reflects resilience—a quality necessary for anyone striving for success in such high-pressure environments like UFC.

“I take it all in stride,” Maddalena says with a smile. “I know I have room for improvement and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

The fighter believes that every critique, regardless of how harsh or unjustified it may seem, provides an opportunity for growth.

“Every time someone points out something wrong with my performance, it gives me another area to work on,” he explains. “So really, they’re helping me become better.”

Maddalena is already looking forward to his next fight where he plans to show everyone just how much he has improved since the last one.

“I’m not here just to participate,” declares Jack confidently. “I am here because I want to win.”

And while there will always be critics waiting around every corner ready pounce at any sign of weakness; while haters continue spew venom online without fear consequence – Jack Della Maddalena remains unfazed by their negativity.

Instead of being silenced by doubt and criticism, this young athlete chooses rise above them through hard work dedication towards his craft—proving once again why he deserves spot among world’s top fighters today.