Marvin Vettori, the Italian mixed martial artist and one of the top fighters in the middleweight division of UFC, has made a bold statement regarding his fellow fighter Israel Adesanya. According to Vettori, Adesanya’s reign at the top is coming to an end.

Adesanya, who hails from Nigeria but fights out of New Zealand, has been a dominant force in the middleweight division for some time now. His flashy style and impressive knockout power have won him fans all over the world. But according to Vettori, this era is about to close.

Vettori stated that he believes Adesanya’s ‘time is over,’ indicating that he thinks there will be a change at the top of their weight class soon. He didn’t specify who he thought would take over as champion but implied it could be anyone other than Adesanya.

These are strong words from Vettori 🥊 , especially considering that these two have shared history together inside The Octagon. They first fought in 2018 with Adesanya narrowly winning by split decision – a result which many felt was controversial.

In addition to his comments on Adesaya’s future prospects within UFC, Marvin also touched upon another potential rematch with Sean Strickland – stating bluntly that such an event “wouldn’t even sell.”

Strickland and Vettori faced off once before back in 2014 where Strickland emerged victorious via unanimous decision after three rounds of intense fighting action; however since then both men have grown significantly as fighters making any potential rematch highly anticipated among fight fans worldwide.

Despite this anticipation though according Marvin himself doesn’t believe such bout would generate enough interest warranting its organization – suggesting perhaps either lack confidence his own ability defeat Strickland again or simply believing general public wouldn’t interested seeing them face-off second time around

Regardless what truth may behind these statements fact remains that Vettori is not afraid to voice his opinions. He’s a fighter who wears his heart on his sleeve, and he isn’t shy about calling out other fighters or making bold predictions about the future of the division.

Only time will tell if Vettori’s predictions come true, but one thing is certain: in the world of mixed martial arts, nothing is ever set in stone. Champions rise and fall, rivalries are born and die out, rematches happen or they don’t. The only constant is change – something that Marvin Vettori seems all too aware of as he navigates through this unpredictable sport.