In the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), there’s always a sense of anticipation for what comes next. Recently, Marvin Vettori has stirred up some intrigue with his bold statements about fellow fighters Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland.

Vettori is no stranger to controversy or making headlines with his outspoken views. This time around, he’s thrown down the gauntlet at middleweight champion Israel Adesanya. According to him, Adesanya’s reign at the top is nearing its end 🥊.

“Adesanya had a good run,” Vettori stated in an interview recently. “He showed skill and determination but I think it’s clear that his peak has passed.”

Vettori didn’t stop there though; he also dismissed any potential rematch between himself and Sean Strickland as being commercially unviable.

“A fight against Strickland? It wouldn’t even sell,” said Vettori dismissively when asked about this possibility during the same interview.

This isn’t just idle talk from Vettori either; he carries weight within MMA circles due to his own impressive track record in fights so far. His comments are likely to spark debate among fans and pundits alike over whether they hold any truth or not.

However, only time will tell if these predictions come true – both regarding Adesanya’s future performance levels dropping off significantly enough for him to lose his title, as well as whether a match between Vettori and Strickland would indeed fail to draw significant interest from viewership numbers standpoint.

Despite all this speculation though, one thing remains certain: No matter who ends up facing whom inside the ring next year – be it Vettory versus Adesanya again or perhaps even another fighter altogether – every single bout promises intense action that’ll keep audiences on their toes throughout!

So while we wait for these possible scenarios unfold before our eyes moving forward into 2022, let’s not forget enjoy the thrilling matches that have already taken place this year. Because at the end of day, isn’t that what being a fan of MMA is all about?

After all, it’s not just about who wins or loses – but also how they fight and entertain us along way! And in that regard, both Vettori and Adesanya have certainly delivered plenty excitement so far.

So here’s to more such exhilarating moments from them next year as well – regardless whether Vettori’s predictions turn out be accurate or not!

In conclusion, Marvin Vettori has made some bold claims regarding Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland. While time will ultimately tell if his words hold any truth, one thing remains certain: The world of MMA continues to provide fans with non-stop action and entertainment.