Marvin Vettori, a prominent figure in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), has recently voiced his opinion on Israel Adesanya’s reign. According to him, Adesanya’s “time is over.” Furthermore, he believes that a rematch with Sean Strickland would not even generate significant sales.

Vettori made these statements during an interview where he was asked about the current state of affairs in MMA. He did not hold back when it came to sharing his thoughts on the matter. The Italian fighter claimed that Israel Adesanya’s time at the top has come to an end and expressed skepticism towards any potential rematches involving Sean Strickland.

Adesanya is currently one of the biggest names in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). His impressive record and unique fighting style have earned him numerous fans worldwide 🌍. However, according to Vettori, this popularity might be waning.

As for Sean Strickland, another well-known UFC fighter who previously faced off against Vettori himself – Marvin doesn’t see much appeal or financial gain from a possible rematch between them either. This statement may seem surprising given their previous bout was quite popular among fight enthusiasts.

But why does Vettori think so? Well, he suggests that both fighters’ performances have been declining lately which could lead to less interest from fans and therefore lower ticket sales if they were ever pitted against each other again.

However, it should be noted that these are merely predictions by Marvin Vettori based on his perspective as a fellow fighter within the industry; only time will tell how accurate they turn out to be!

Despite these bold claims though there seems no bad blood between them outside of professional rivalry: all three fighters respect each other’s abilities and acknowledge their contributions towards making MMA what it is today – an internationally recognized sport enjoyed by millions across globe!

In conclusion: while Marvin Vettori’s comments may have stirred up some controversy, they also highlight the ever-changing dynamics of MMA where no fighter’s position is truly secure. As fans eagerly anticipate what comes next in this thrilling world of combat sports, one thing remains certain – only those who continue to evolve and adapt will survive at the top!