Kevin Holland, also known as “Big Mouth”, has been relatively restrained with his trash talk in the lead-up to UFC Noche. However, when Australia was brought up during a conversation, he couldn’t resist letting out a small rant.

Holland’s comments were directed towards Jack Della Maddalena – an Australian fighter who had hoped to face him at UFC 293. According to Holland, if Maddalena had been worth traveling for, he would have secured that opponent spot.

🥊 The outspoken middleweight didn’t hold back expressing his views on the matter. He suggested that Maddalena needs to prove himself more before such an opportunity could be presented to him.

“Look,” began Holland, “I’m not saying I wouldn’t travel for a fight – I absolutely would.” His tone conveyed both seriousness and slight amusement. “But it’s got to be someone worth my time.”

He continued by stating that while Maddalena might be talented in his own right; this alone is not enough reason for him or any other top-tier fighter like himself to go all the way down under just for one match.

“I’ve fought against some of the best fighters in this sport,” said Holland confidently. “And while no disrespect intended towards Maddalena…he’s yet not proven himself worthy of me making such journey.”

The implication here is clear: according to Kevin ‘Big Mouth’ Holland, Jack Della Maddalena must first demonstrate that he can stand toe-to-toe with elite competitors before expecting them come halfway across world just engage in battle with him inside Octagon ring.

It’s certainly bold statement from man who never shy away sharing what’s on his mind whether it stirs controversy or merely adds another layer intrigue unfolding narrative within mixed martial arts community worldwide

This isn’t first time we’ve heard such sentiments echoed by others involved MMA scene either – many veterans believe younger upcoming talents need earn their stripes before they can start calling shots deciding who gets fight whom where.

In conclusion, Kevin Holland’s message is clear: Jack Della Maddalena needs to prove that he’s worth the travel and time. Until then, it seems unlikely that we’ll see these two fighters face off in the ring anytime soon. But as always with UFC – anything can happen!