Kevin Holland, also known as “Big Mouth”, is a name that resonates with fans of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He’s well-known not just for his fighting skills inside the octagon but also for his ability to talk trash and get under his opponents’ skin. However, leading up to UFC Noche, Holland has been relatively quiet.

That was until Australia came into the conversation.

Holland’s comments were directed towards Jack Della Maddalena, an Australian fighter who had been in consideration as a potential opponent at UFC 293. The American fighter made it clear that he believed if Maddalena had been worth traveling for, then he would have already secured an opponent slot at the event.

“I’m always ready to fight,” stated Kevin Holland confidently during one of his pre-match interviews. “But I won’t travel halfway across the world unless it’s really worth my time.”

This isn’t entirely surprising coming from someone like Holland who has never shied away from speaking what’s on his mind. His statement could be seen as a challenge thrown directly at Maddalena – either step up your game or don’t bother showing up.

The rivalry between these two fighters goes back some way after they both competed on Dana White’s Contender Series where their animosity first sparked off. Since then, there have been several instances where they’ve exchanged heated words both online and offline which only served to fuel their competitive spirit further.

Maddalena hasn’t responded yet to this latest jab by ‘Big Mouth’, leaving many fans eagerly waiting for how things will unfold next in this ongoing feud between them 🍿

In conclusion, while Kevin Holland might have kept most of his notorious trash talking contained before UFC Noche; when it comes down to Jack Della Maddalena – all bets are off! It seems like we can anticipate more verbal fireworks between these two MMA athletes leading up to future fights. And as fans, we can’t wait to see how it all plays out in the octagon.

This is a classic example of the psychological warfare that often takes place outside of UFC matches – and one where Kevin Holland appears to be winning so far. But only time will tell whether his words will have any impact when (and if) these two fighters eventually face off against each other inside the ring.