Kevin Holland, also known as “Big Mouth”, has been noticeably quiet in the lead-up to UFC Noche. However, he couldn’t help but let a small rant slip when Australia was brought up during a recent conversation. 🥊

Holland is renowned for his larger-than-life personality and his tendency to engage in trash talk before fights. This time around though, he’s held back from making any controversial comments about his upcoming opponent at UFC 293.

The subject of Jack Della Maddalena came up during this discussion – an Australian fighter who many believe could have been Holland’s opponent if circumstances were different. According to Holland, however, it seems that Maddalena wasn’t worth the hassle of traveling all the way across the globe for.

“Maddalena? If he was worth travelling for, then sure we would’ve had him as my opponent,” said Holland nonchalantly when asked about why Maddalena didn’t make it onto the card for UFC 293.

This comment suggests that while Maddalena might be considered a promising talent within Australian circles and among some international fans too; according to Holland himself – one of MMA’s most outspoken fighters – there isn’t enough buzz or credibility surrounding him just yet.

It should be noted here that travel restrictions due to COVID-19 may have played a part in determining who gets matched with whom at these events. International flights are still not operating as they used to pre-pandemic times which makes organizing such match-ups quite challenging indeed.

However, despite acknowledging these challenges indirectly through his comment on Maddalena not being ‘worth’ travelling for; Kevin doesn’t seem too perturbed by them overall nor does he appear overly concerned about who is placed opposite him inside Octagon come fight night either way whether it’s someone from home soil or elsewhere globally speaking.

In fact judging by how relaxed and confident he sounded throughout this interview one could very well argue that he’s more focused on his own performance and the strategies he’ll be employing during this upcoming fight rather than who he’s up against.

This kind of attitude is not uncommon among fighters, particularly those at the top level like Holland. They understand that in order to succeed, they must concentrate on what they can control – their training, their mindset, and their execution in the ring or cage.

So while fans may have been hoping for a bit more drama leading up to UFC Noche from “Big Mouth”, it seems Holland has other things on his mind right now. And as we inch closer to fight night, all eyes will undoubtedly be on him as everyone waits with bated breath to see if his quieter approach pays off in the end.