Former mixed martial artist Henry Cejudo has put the spotlight on Alexa Grasso’s strengths as she prepares for her rematch with Valentina Shevchenko in the upcoming Noche UFC main event. According to Cejudo, Grasso possesses a power that is often underrated – “She can crack like a dude,” he says. 🥊

Grasso, who hails from Mexico, is known for her agility and quickness inside the octagon. But it seems there’s one aspect of her game that isn’t quite getting the recognition it deserves: her striking ability.

Cejudo believes this could be a game-changer in Grasso’s rematch with Shevchenko. The former two-division champion said, “People underestimate Alexa’s power because she moves so swiftly and gracefully around the ring.”

He continued by saying how impressed he was by Grasso’s punching strength during their training sessions together at Fight Ready MMA gym in Arizona. He even compared it to some male fighters’ punches.

“She doesn’t just have speed; she also packs serious punch force behind those gloves,” Cejudo stated confidently about his teammate.

This isn’t necessarily surprising news considering Grasso comes from a boxing background before transitioning into Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Her father was an amateur boxer and instilled in her love for combat sports at an early age.

However, despite having such powerful strikes up her sleeve, many still seem to overlook this part of Grasso’s arsenal when discussing potential outcomes of fights involving her.

With this high-profile endorsement coming from none other than Henry Cejudo himself – someone who knows what it takes to win championships – perhaps more people will start paying attention to what makes Alexa truly dangerous inside the cage.

The Mexican fighter lost via unanimous decision against Shevchenko last year during their first encounter but showed great promise throughout all rounds despite being unable to secure victory then. This time around though, she’s looking to turn the tables and snatch away Shevchenko’s flyweight title.

In preparation for this crucial rematch, Grasso has been training diligently with her team at Lobo Gym in Guadalajara, Mexico. Her coaches have reportedly put a lot of emphasis on improving her striking power even further – something that could prove invaluable against an opponent as formidable as Shevchenko.

Cejudo’s endorsement is not just empty praise either. It comes from someone who has seen firsthand what Grasso can do inside the octagon during their sparring sessions together. He believes that if Alexa manages to land some of those powerful strikes on Valentina come fight night, it might well be enough to sway the judges’ decision in her favor.

Grasso herself seems confident about her chances too. In recent interviews leading up to the event, she expressed optimism about how much she has improved since their last face-off and feels ready for whatever challenge lies ahead.

The stage is set for an epic rematch between these two talented fighters. And if Cejudo’s words are anything to go by, fans should expect nothing less than fireworks when Alexa Grasso steps into the ring once again with Valentina Shevchenko.