Henry Cejudo, a renowned name in the world of fighting sports, recently shed light on Alexa Grasso’s abilities as she prepares for her rematch with Valentina Shevchenko. The UFC main event is set to be an exciting clash and Cejudo strongly believes that Grasso’s punching power has been significantly underestimated.

🥊 According to him, “She can crack like a dude”. This statement from such an experienced fighter speaks volumes about Grasso’s potential in the forthcoming fight.

Alexa Grasso is no stranger to the intense competition within UFC. Her upcoming match against Valentina Shevchenko isn’t their first encounter; this will be a rematch filled with anticipation and high stakes. In preparation for this important bout, it seems that Henry Cejudo sees something special in Grasso – her striking power.

Cejudo himself knows what it takes to succeed at this level of competition having won numerous fights during his career. His comments regarding Alexa are not made lightly but rather carry weight due to his extensive experience and knowledge of the sport.

Grasso’s strength lies not just in her physical ability but also her mental fortitude which allows her to remain focused under pressure while delivering powerful strikes when needed most.

Valentina Shevchenko, on the other hand, is known for being one of the toughest competitors out there today. However, even she might find herself surprised by Alexa’s performance if we take into account Cejudo’s words.

The fact that Henry has highlighted these strengths ahead of such a significant match suggests he truly believes in them and feels they could potentially tip the balance towards Alexa’s favor during their impending clash.

Whether or not these predictions come true remains uncertain until fight night arrives where both women will have everything left inside octagon – each trying best win title back home again after grueling rounds hard-hitting action packed full adrenaline excitement surely leave fans edge seat throughout entire evening.

As the anticipation continues to build, fans are eagerly waiting to see if Grasso can indeed ‘crack like a dude’ and bring home the victory. This match promises to be an exhilarating display of skill, strength, and strategy from both fighters.

Only time will tell how this highly anticipated rematch plays out. But one thing is for sure – Alexa Grasso’s power should not be underestimated as she steps back into the octagon with Valentina Shevchenko for what promises to be a thrilling fight.