Former UFC champion Henry Cejudo has recently voiced his opinion on the potential rematch between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland. According to him, despite being undeserving of an immediate rematch, Adesanya is likely to get one because he’s “Dana White’s boy.” 🥊

Cejudo expressed this controversial view during a recent interview. He stated that although Adesanya had lost convincingly in their previous encounter, he was still likely to be granted another chance against current champ Strickland.

Adesanya suffered a defeat at the hands of Strickland not too long ago. The fight was intense and closely contested until Strickland claimed victory with his superior skill set. Since then, there have been calls for a rematch from various quarters – some believe that Adesanya deserves another shot while others think otherwise.

Among those who are skeptical about an immediate rematch is Henry Cejudo himself. Despite acknowledging Adesanya as one of the top fighters in UFC today, Cejudo believes that other contenders should also be given opportunities.

He argued that granting immediate rematches isn’t fair to other athletes waiting for their title shots. They train hard and win fights just like everyone else but don’t get similar privileges mainly due to politics within the organization.

Cejudo further added fuel by claiming Dana White’s fondness for certain fighters influences such decisions significantly – with Israel being one such fighter according to him.

However, it’s important here not only focus on what might seem as criticism towards White or favoritism within UFC but also consider the fact that rematches often make sense from business perspective – they generate significant interest among fans which translates into higher revenues eventually.

But then again sportsmanship should always come first before any financial considerations right? Well opinions vary greatly regarding this matter and hence we see these ongoing debates around topics like rematches in combat sports world regularly.

As far as Cejudo’s view is concerned, it’s clear that he’s not a fan of immediate rematches especially when they seem to be influenced by anything other than pure sporting merits. Whether his opinion will have any impact on the decision-making process within UFC or not remains to be seen.

In conclusion, while there seems to be a strong case for Adesanya getting another shot at Strickland based on his past performances and popularity among fans, it’s also important that opportunities are fairly distributed amongst all deserving fighters. After all, isn’t fairness one of the core principles upon which sports are built?