Former mixed martial artist, Henry Cejudo, has made a bold statement regarding the potential rematch between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland. The Olympic gold medalist doesn’t believe that Adesanya deserves an immediate second chance against UFC champion, Sean Strickland.

Cejudo is known for his outspoken nature and this time he’s targeted “Dana White’s Boy”, as he refers to Israel Adesanya. According to him, despite losing in their previous encounter, Adesanya will still get another shot at the title due to his close relationship with Dana White – the current president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Adesanya had previously lost to Strickland in a match that left fans and fellow fighters surprised. Many believed that ‘The Last Stylebender’ would be victorious given his impressive track record leading up to it. However, things didn’t go as planned on fight night.

Strickland showcased excellent skill set throughout the bout which ultimately led him towards victory over one of MMA’s biggest stars 🌟 . It was clear from start till end who dominated inside the octagon.

Despite this loss though, there have been talks about an immediate rematch between these two fighters – something which has stirred controversy amongst many within MMA community including Cejudo himself.

He feels it would be unjustified if such decision were taken by UFC management considering how decisive first bout was. He states: “It seems like favoritism plays part here because I don’t see why else they’d give someone who clearly lost another chance so soon.”

Moreover,Cejudo argues other deserving contenders are being overlooked in favor of high-profile names like Adesanya.He believes giving priority based on popularity rather than performance sets bad precedent for sport overall.

However,it should noted while Cejuda’s opinion holds weight due former status as double champ,his views might not necessarily reflect sentiment entire industry.Many argue rematches provide opportunity for fighters to learn from their mistakes and prove themselves once again.

In the end though, it’s up to UFC management who they decide should get another shot at the title. Whether that will be Adesanya or not remains uncertain as of now. What is certain however, is that this potential rematch has surely stirred a lot of discussion in MMA world – which only goes on to show how much fans love sport and its unpredictability.

While we wait for official announcement, one thing can be agreed upon: whoever steps into octagon next with Strickland will have tough challenge ahead given his current form. As fight enthusiasts, all we can do is sit back and enjoy whatever comes next in this thrilling journey of mixed martial arts.