Former UFC champion Henry Cejudo has recently made a bold statement regarding the rematch between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland. He believes that despite not deserving it, Adesanya will get another shot at fighting Strickland.

In an interview, Cejudo stated his views openly about what he considers to be favoritism within the UFC. According to him, Dana White’s preference for certain fighters is influencing decisions in matchmaking. With this in mind, he thinks that ‘Dana White’s Boy’ – as he refers to Adesanya – will secure a rematch against current champ Sean Strickland even though he doesn’t deserve it.

Cejudo’s comments have sparked quite a debate among fans and followers of the sport. Some agree with him saying that merit should be considered above all else when deciding who gets to fight for titles or rematches.

Others however argue that given Adesanya’s previous performances and popularity amongst viewers worldwide 🌍 , it would only make sense for him to get another chance at reclaiming his title from Strickland.

Strickland himself hasn’t commented on whether or not he agrees with Cejudo’s statements but one thing is clear: This potential rematch has everyone talking!

Admittedly, there are valid points on both sides of this discussion. On one hand we see meritocracy being promoted by individuals like Cejudo who believe in earning opportunities through hard work and dedication alone without any preferential treatment involved whatsoever.

On the other hand we also understand why promoting popular figures like Adesanya can generate more interest and revenue for UFC events which ultimately benefits everyone involved including fighters themselves through increased exposure and potentially higher earnings too.

It seems then that finding balance between these two perspectives could perhaps lead towards better decision making within UFC where fighter performance isn’t overshadowed by their popularity or vice versa but rather taken into equal consideration during matchmaking processes going forward.

As of now, it remains to be seen whether Adesanya will indeed get his rematch against Strickland and if so how this might affect other fighters’ views on UFC’s decision making. One thing is for sure though: Cejudo’s comments have sparked a conversation that could potentially lead to changes in how future matches are decided.

In conclusion, while there may not be a definitive answer as to who should or shouldn’t get rematches within UFC, engaging in such discussions can only contribute towards improving the sport overall by ensuring fairness and transparency at all times.