Bellator 301 is all set to take place in Chicago, featuring two title fights including a match between Sergio Pettis and Patchy Mix. The event, scheduled for November, also includes a grand prix semifinal and a grudge rematch.

Despite the uncertain times facing Bellator MMA due to global circumstances, the promotion has successfully managed to book an impressive show for its fans in Chicago this coming November. This comes as great news🎉 for fight enthusiasts who have been eagerly waiting for live-action amidst the uncertainty of recent times.

The highlight of Bellator 301 will undoubtedly be the two title fights on offer. One of these bouts features none other than Sergio Pettis squaring off against Patchy Mix. Both fighters are known for their aggressive style and technical prowess inside the ring which makes this matchup particularly exciting.

Pettis comes into this bout with some solid victories under his belt whereas Mix brings an equally impressive record making it hard to predict who will come out on top when they finally meet inside the cage. Regardless of who wins though, one thing’s certain – fans can expect fireworks when these two step into the ring!

In addition to this highly anticipated bout, there’s more action lined up at Bellator 301 with a grand prix semifinal taking center stage alongside another intriguing grudge rematch that promises just as much excitement if not more!

While details about these matchups remain under wraps at present we know enough already about what’s in store come November – high octane MMA action from start till end!

With so many thrilling bouts lined up back-to-back at Bellator 301 it seems like fight night in Chicago is going turn out nothing short of epic! So whether you’re an ardent MMA fan or just someone looking forward to watching some quality sporting action don’t miss out on tuning into Bellator 301 happening this November – it promises everything from electrifying performances by world-class athletes vying fiercely for victory to moments of sheer unpredictability that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

So as we inch closer towards November, let’s gear up for a night filled with high-stakes battles and intense rivalries. Bellator 301 is not just another event in the MMA calendar – it’s set to be a memorable spectacle where champions will rise, legacies will be tested and history could well be rewritten.

In conclusion, despite the challenges faced by Bellator MMA, they have managed not only to organize an event amidst uncertain times but also ensure that it packs enough punch (quite literally!) to make it one worth remembering. So get ready fight fans! This November Chicago becomes home ground for some explosive MMA action courtesy of none other than Bellator 301.