The atmosphere of a UFC event is always electric, with the anticipation and excitement in the air. One key element that adds to this fervor is the walkout songs chosen by each fighter for their entrance into the arena. The Noche UFC event on Saturday was no exception.

Each song choice tells us something about the fighter – it could be a hint at their personality, an attempt to intimidate their opponent, or simply a tune they find motivating. 🎵

At this particular Noche UFC event, there were some unique choices which sparked interest among fans and observers alike.

One such instance was an oddly timed ‘Real American’ flex during one of the walkouts. This patriotic anthem might have been seen as out of place considering that Noche UFC events are known for celebrating Latin culture and fighters.

However, it’s important to note that music can often transcend cultural boundaries and resonate with individuals regardless of nationality or ethnicity. It’s possible that this specific fighter felt connected to ‘Real American’ in some way – either through personal experience or because they found its lyrics inspiring.

Interestingly enough though, there was not even a single Jason Aldean track played throughout night. Given his popularity within both mainstream music circles and amongst many MMA fighters who’ve previously used his tracks for walkouts; absence of any Aldean tunes definitely raised eyebrows.

It’s impossible to say why exactly these trends occurred without input from fighters themselves but what we do know is how integral these musical moments are when setting tone for upcoming bouts!

Moving forward from here though; we can only speculate about future song selections until next fight night rolls around where once again all eyes (and ears) will be eagerly awaiting those first few notes signaling start of another thrilling match-up!

In conclusion: whether you’re fanatical about fights themselves or just enjoy spectacle surrounding them; keep your ear out next time you watch a bout because chances are high you’ll hear something interesting!

Remember, these walkout songs are not just background noise – they’re a crucial part of the UFC experience that can set the tone for an entire fight. So next time you tune in to a Noche UFC event or any other MMA match-up, pay attention to those opening chords and enjoy another layer of this exhilarating sport.