In a recent turn of events, Alexa Grasso expressed her surprise at Valentina Shevchenko’s reaction to losing the title at UFC 285. As they prepare for their rematch at Noche UFC, this revelation adds another layer to an already heated rivalry.

Grasso shared her thoughts during a press conference, “I was taken aback by how Shevchenko handled the loss,” she said. “There are no accidents in this sport. Every win or defeat is a result of hard work and strategy.”

The Mexican fighter further elaborated on her point saying that every match is unpredictable and outcomes can never be certain until the final bell rings. This unpredictability makes mixed martial arts such a thrilling sport for both athletes and fans alike.

She went on to add that although it’s common for fighters to feel disappointed after losing, it seemed as if Shevchenko didn’t fully acknowledge what had happened. According to Grasso, accepting defeat graciously shows strength of character and maturity as an athlete 🥊

Grasso also emphasized that in spite of everything else, respect between opponents should always remain intact – before, during, and after each fight.

Looking ahead towards their upcoming rematch at Noche UFC event , Grasso stated: “Every fight has its own story but I am focused on writing my own chapter.”

When asked about her preparation for the much-anticipated rematch with Shevchenko , Grasso responded confidently: “I’ve been training harder than ever before,” she declared proudly .

She added : “This time around it’s not just about winning or losing; It’s about proving myself again.” The determination in her voice was clear evidence of her steadfast resolve .

As we approach closer towards their clash , one thing remains certain – Both these women have something significant to prove . And while only one will emerge victorious , there will undoubtedly be lessons learned from either side .

We look forward eagerly to the rematch and hope for a thrilling competition. Regardless of who wins, it’s clear that both Grasso and Shevchenko are champions in their own right.

In conclusion, Alexa Grasso’s surprise at Valentina Shevchenko’s reaction post UFC 285 loss illustrates how every fighter has a unique way of handling defeat . Her statement ‘There are no accidents’ serves as an important reminder that success or failure in this sport is not just about skill , but also about mental strength and resilience.