Valentina Shevchenko’s unexpected reaction to her title loss at UFC 285 caught Alexa Grasso off guard. This revelation came ahead of their rematch at Noche UFC.

Grasso, a seasoned fighter herself, expressed surprise at the way Shevchenko handled the defeat. “In this sport, there are no accidents,” she stated firmly.

She further explained that every move in the ring is deliberate and calculated. Each punch thrown or dodged is not by chance but rather a result of rigorous training and strategic planning.

“I was taken aback by Valentina’s response,” said Grasso during an interview session before their anticipated rematch. “I’ve always known her as someone who takes ownership for her actions.”

Indeed, it was unusual for Shevchenko – renowned for her resilience and tenacity – to attribute the outcome of that fateful match to mere happenstance.

“Every fight I’ve had has been won on merit,” continued Grasso 🥊 . “There are countless hours spent honing your skills and building strength behind each victory.”

The world of mixed martial arts (MMA) is one where fighters pit both physical prowess and mental fortitude against each other in equal measure; attributing any part of it to luck can be seen as undermining these efforts.

This isn’t just about winning or losing either – it’s about acknowledging all the hard work put into preparing for a fight regardless of its outcome. It’s also about respecting your opponent enough to credit them with their rightful win when they do emerge victorious from such grueling battles.

“Shevchenko should know better than anyone else how much effort goes into prepping for each bout,” added Grasso pointedly.

However, despite expressing disappointment over Shevchenko’s post-match comments following UFC 285, Grasso remains focused on what lies ahead: Their impending rematch at Noche UFC promises high stakes action with potentially career-altering implications for both fighters.

“I’m not going to let any of this distract me from the task at hand,” Grasso resolved. “I’m here to fight and give it my all.”

As they gear up for their rematch, there’s a tangible tension in the air. Both athletes are aware that every move counts – not just in terms of winning or losing but also shaping public perception about them as fighters.

Grasso is keen on proving her point: That there’s no room for chance or accidents when you’re inside the ring. Every blow delivered, each round fought, is testament to an athlete’s dedication and determination.

This upcoming match isn’t just another notch on their professional records; it’s also a platform where they can express their philosophy about fighting – what it truly means beyond mere victory or defeat.

For now though, Alexa Grasso remains focused on preparing herself physically and mentally for Noche UFC. She hopes that this time around, regardless of who wins or loses, both she and Valentina Shevchenko will walk away with a better understanding of what being a fighter really entails.