In the world of mixed martial arts, Aaron Pico is a name that has been making waves. Recently, he expressed his confidence about an upcoming fight against Pedro Carvalho at Bellator 299. According to him, this match-up should be pretty straightforward and not pose too many problems.

Pico’s assessment comes from his belief that he has faced stronger strikers in the past. The American fighter seems unperturbed by the challenge posed by Carvalho 🥊.

“I have fought better strikers,” said Pico with an air of nonchalance during a pre-fight interview. This statement isn’t just bravado; it’s backed up by his impressive record in previous fights.

Despite being only 25 years old, Pico already boasts quite a resume within the fighting community. He started wrestling at a young age and quickly rose through ranks due to his talent and dedication to training.

His transition into MMA was natural as he brought along with him skills honed over several years on wrestling mats across America. In addition to grappling techniques learned from wrestling, Pico also possesses powerful striking abilities which make him formidable for any opponent standing opposite him inside the cage.

However, even though Pico believes that Carvalho won’t be much trouble for him based on their respective styles, it doesn’t mean he’s taking this fight lightly or underestimating his adversary one bit.

“Every fighter brings something unique to table,” stated Pico while discussing how different each bout can be depending upon who your opponent is.

He further added: “I am preparing myself thoroughly because I know anything can happen once we step into that ring.”

It would seem then that while confident about winning against Carvalho thanks mainly due to what he perceives as style advantage – essentially meaning how well their individual fighting methods match up – there’s no trace of complacency in Aaron’s approach towards this contest.

Carvalho, on the other hand, has been relatively quiet in comparison. The Portuguese fighter hasn’t made any bold claims or predictions so far about outcome of this fight.

Whether it’s due to his naturally reserved nature or a strategic decision to keep his thoughts private until match day is unclear. What we do know though is that he’s no pushover and will surely bring everything he has got when facing Pico.

As fans await eagerly for Bellator 299 and its many exciting fights including this one between Aaron Pico and Pedro Carvalho, there’s an air of anticipation surrounding how events will unfold inside that ring.

Will Pico’s confidence translate into victory? Or could Carvalho surprise everyone with a performance that defies expectations?

Only time will tell who emerges victorious but one thing’s certain – both fighters are ready to give their all for glory at Bellator 299!