Mateusz Gamrot ended Arman Tsarukyan with a rear-naked choke at the end of the fifth round’s razor-thin. Mateusz Gamrot hit a beautiful shot at the end, but that likely did not guarantee a second round. In the second minute of the last game, Gamrot got an easy takedown and could hold Tsarukyan down for a long time until Tsarukyan worked his way to a takedown.

Arman Tsarukyan started landing head kicks early on in the main event, too, but Gamrot, tough as nails, was undeterred. Gamrot may not be landing his leg kicks much as his counterpart Tsarukyan, but Gamrots boxing and pace are much more developed. If Gamrot is slightly less mobile, his opponent Tsarukyan has a much easier time landing punches.

If Gamrot can maintain the movement of his feet, it will be harder for Tsarukyan to set his takedowns, forcing him to sprawl out on punches and opening himself up for counters. Then, his opponent, Tsarukyan, could actually restrict Gamrots movements, exploding the midsection and lower leg with punches. Arman Tsarukyan uses the spirited Granby rolls to change positions, eventually getting back on the feet of Mateusz Gamrot.

While the score went (48-47, 48-47, 48-47) unanimously in Gamrot’s favour, Arman Tsarukyan expressed his opinion via social media, saying, “I did not miss the unbelievable, just up and away from here,” on Instagram. Arman Tsarukyan came into this bout with a record of 18-2, going 5-1 so far in The Ultimate Fighter Championship, capping off this five-fight winning streak with back-to-back TKO victories.

All three judges favoured Gamrot, placed 12th above Tsarukyan, and placed 11th. Gamrot, who defeated his younger rival, stated: “Arman is a high-level fighter; therefore, this was a challenging battle. Never, ever mistrust me. I am prepared to face any man in the division. Now I want to battle Justin Gaethje, the most brutal opponent in the category. Tsarukyan was the favourite for the match, owing to his hot run after a defeat on debut.

The UFC returns to business on July 3rd, with a middleweight title fight between champion Israel Adesanya and Jared Cannonier leading the UFC 276 event in Nevada on Sunday. Adesanya and Cannonier already are shooting at each other. Adesanya anticipated a catastrophic win on his YouTube channel, comparing the impending bout to Anderson Silva’s victory against Forrest Griffin in UFC 101: “This is going to be fantastic.” Consider Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin in UFC 101. I’m simply going to be in the zone, you know? I don’t mind; remain tuned.” “high in confidence, he’s been that person for a long time, so I can’t blame him for saying what he says,” Cannonier commented through Submission Radio.